Dance & Play

Music, Games, Mini Disco Lights + Free Karaoke + Free Smoke machine + Free Balloon made for every child - Minimum 10 children 7+ yrs old

With our 'no-loser' policy, we ensure no one misses out in these games, as we give the children lots of stickers, concentrating on the fun and silliness of the activities, its all about joining in...

The karaoke is perfect for children (and adults) to sing along to the
popular 'Frozen' theme tune or maybe even some nursery songs to
sing for the littler ones, we have something for everyone.

Children go wild for the smoke machine, so this in now free as party
of the package, if they are really good, then sometimes we even let
them press the button…

Before they leave, all the children get a balloon made for them to take home
such as a dog, sword or butterfly and they also receive their very own certificate for joining in the games.

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