Party & Play

Music, Games and Lights - Minimum 10 children 3+ yrs old

Party games are fun for everyone, as we ensure no-one misses out. Unlike
some conventional parties, there are no losers, no-one will be asked to sit down.

Energetic and action packed, we hop, skip and dance with the children. There's a 20ft parachute, silly races and star jumping and not forgetting the wriggly tunnel and twister hopscotch! Suitable for all ages 3+. Certificates, stickers and stamps
at the end of every party.

Free Balloon Model for every child to take home.

Free Facepainting to the cheek whilst the children sit down
to eat, ensures not a moment is wasted.

Bookings taken up to 12 months in advance, secure your date now.
Whilst bouncy castles are perfect addition during the facepainting and
balloon making, we do ask for them to be deflated during the games
to ensure everyone has the chance to join in the fun!

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Loyalty Club