Portrait & Play

Up to 20 children - abs maximum - 2 hours

Each child gets to have their face drawn in black and white and they also get to keep it and take it home as souvenir. The children waiting will also get to watch Luke work his magic and are also encouraged to take a pencil and paper and have a go themselves, so its fantastic way to encourage the budding artists and promotes creativity for all ages and abilities. Sometimes the parents have a go also!

2hrs: £80 plus travel

Additional hours are charged at standard rate of £40 per hour. A full
PA speaker with music and lights can be provided in the background
at cost of just £25 per booking. We respectfully ask that you gauge
as accurately as possible, the exact no of children. This is to avoid any
disappointment for late arrivals or siblings that also want a caricature.

The children will be asked to sign a list upon arrival and Luke will
guarantee the first 20 as per booking. If for any reason, Luke finishes all
the children within the time booked, he will be more than happy to squeeze in a few portraits for any willing adults.

Extra caricatures can be created at cost of £5 per caricature. He can do siblings together as in two children per caricature but to do this effectively, this will take double the time and would be booked as two children. All portraits are drawn with utmost respect for each and every child, we don't believe in silly, humiliating drawings where features are crudely exaggerated for humour, we aim to show each child how beautiful they are!

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